Final Project (Week 2)

This week we had to come up with three tasks for the entire Project 1, however the first issue we encountered was the data being in three different sets.

If the data was based on three different data sets, it was going to be immensely difficult to come up with three universal tasks. We then decided to twist the paradigm a little and create 1 universal task for Brand 1 and then many sub tasks so that we can pick from. The initial data that we were given was sparse and only enough to create a simple inforgraphic without much analysis at all, so we requested for more data. We were then presented with the “extended metrics” for the brand. However, with more data, the metrics actually made it harder to link anything together.

Our resident data analyst Kevin decompiled the data into individual sheets and ran the data through Tableau and all we got was a set of complicated graphs that had seemingly no correlation. This was a problem we definitely could not solve in the span of a 1.5 hour lesson and therefore we proceeded with drawing a schematic of how the infographic should look like on paper.


We had some brainstorming about the types of charts to use as well and a little on the visuals as well. The idea was to make it all simple, accessible and very comprehensible.

Therefore initially we wanted to place segment 3 on the top, because it had some interesting data that was not often visualised, like the highest engagement days of the week and hours of the day. There was also the opportunity to place some twitter visuals to illustrate our point. Segment 2 was next in line, because there was quite some interesting trends to be plotted. We thought we would show the entire graph and then use a zoom-in approach to help the user focus on the important segments which epitomises the trends. The last segment, 1, was quite self explanatory and could serve as the concluding idea about the brand and how the previous segments could be related back to its brand activity on social media.

The project looked REALLY promising at this point of time and we were quite excited to further develop this infographic for the final presentation!

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