Lecture 1 Exercise

ge.swarm.is was the visualization we were asked to ponder about.

Class exercise 01: What does this visualization try to say?

I believe that this tracker was made to classify, sort and make sense of the insane amount of chatter that was going around on the internet.

The few things that came up while discussing were:

  • Certain popular keywords/key terms began to surface over the period leading up to and over the Election Day
  • The data (key terms mentioned online) was sorted by days
  • The most shared content was also ranked
  • The coloured lines show a correlation between the day’s key terms and most shared content; the ranking of the most shared content share a positive relationship to the quantity of key terms. The higher the ranking, the more key terms it is related to.

In the most general sense, this visualization maps the changing concerns of the people over the course of the days leading to the Election Day and its importance!