Final Project (Week 3)

This week, we had to present our project in a dry-run. I assembled points and imagery from Google Docs to create a black-blackground powerpoint slide. Apparently black backgrounds were trending and I just decided to hop on the bandwagon. This increases the luminance contrast ratio and helps everyone to focus on the content.

Our confirmed tasks for Project 1 was:

Universal Task:

  • What can Brand 1 leverage on to increase customer engagement and follower growth?

Task 1: Analyse Twitter feed for Brand 1 to utilise it more effectively (Client Specific)

  • What is the best time to tweet (day + hour)?
  • Is tweeting visuals advantageous ?
  • Comparison of number of followers of client’s US account vs number of followers of client’s global account

Task 2: Compare brands across months to spot interesting trends (Segment 1)


  • Comparing followers in confectionary business (segment 1) vs competitors
  • Global brand establishment vs US brand establishment
  • Brand comparisons based on quarterly growth (every 4 months)
  • Outgoing Twitter interactions vs incoming Twitter interactions

Task 3: How to support/increase follower growth (Segment 2)


  • Does posing questions increase engagement leading to follower increase?
  • Does engagement (like retweets/replies/mentions) increase follower growth?
  • Is there a relation between no. of questions asked and response time to questions asked?

The visualisation of Segment 2 is here as it is the largest data set (credits to Kevin):;:embed=y&:display_count=no

This was the infographic concept (pre-creation).



The idea was to make a long, scrolling infographic to present one set of information at a time, in a glance.

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