Final Project (Week 4)

So after 2 presentations, we were pretty much ready. However, during discussion, we realised we needed to tweak certain graphs because it was either confusing, redundant or complicated.

The first major shift was to rearrange the “client specific” data to the bottom, as a concluding part. This was because we needed the other segment’s data to set the foundation, the ground for the basis of our suggestions to the client.

There were a couple of drafts I’d created as shown below. We thought that a long running infographic was really good and the dark background with light coloured elements would look more professional and engaging.

3229_Proj_Concept  3229 GrpP Draft 2  3229 GrpP Draft 2 NEW AGAIN

Taking a look at thumbnail, we changed the circle charts because they were misleading and hard to perceive difference in percentage values. A pie chart was also definitely not a choice as it was percentage growth and not percentage of market share. The development process of the time chart was the tricky one.

Using values of 1’s and 0’s to indicate the high engagement days/hours as provided in the data, I ran the data through Tableau and found out there were no visualisation options. Resetting the sheet, I enabled the table display to try to manually colour code it. Little did I realise that I could change the shapes of the 1’s and 0’s and the colour as well! Take a look below.


I further refined this in powerpoint and created a draft of it in Photoshop.

The four individual parts are as follows:


The text is not visible because it is transparent and meant to be viewed on a dark background. Apart from visualising the data, our project was geared towards coming up with strategies and suggestions, therefore I drew a white box across the areas with high engagement-saturation as seen in the infographic draft above. Our group were really quite satisfied with how everything turned out. We had some suggestions form the floor and Jana to refine our infographic and will be posting it once the project is completed.


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